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This is going to be one of the best books you will ever read in your life. I believe $9.99 is a good investment because the author gets straight to the point and specifically tells you what you need to do to generate profit for your business or organization. Mr. Kinlow's years of training, experience, and insight are invaluable for anybody wanting to come up in the business world. All of his experience and wisdom is nicely condensed into this book of simplistically explained "laws."

From Amazon

Rather than be a statistic as another failed entrepreneur save yourself the heart/headache by investing a small amount of time in reading Michael Kinlow's "The Laws of Profit". My personal favorite that I have found true in my own personal businesses is setting profit targets and not sales targets. I love his use of Profit Deficit Disorder as without proper focus on the goal of profit, increased sales can lead to loss. This is a must read for the entrepreneur or the entrepreneur-to-be.

Cathy Hallihan, Nework Marketing and Fitness Professional, Writer, Presenter & Public Speaker